Friday, August 29, 2014

August's Homework Assignment

Why hello there, everyone!
With August practically extinguished, I thought I'd make one last post before September starts. And what better way to do that then with another fun little linkup for Professor Z's August Homework Assignment! So here's the prompt: 

For August's Homework Assignment, you are tasked to show us how songs or music inspire your dress, mood, art, writing, etc. Make that correlation between the song and the product of your inspiration; or, tell us what kind of music you listen to before you go out for the evening, or before work or school, or while you are relaxing at home. Remember, your post doesn't need to be fashion related. Get inspired! Think outside the box! HAVE FUN!!!

First off, I just gotta say how much I just really love the prompt. I'm very musically inclined (meaning I'd be listening to something 24/7 if I could) so I can't wait to share what's been on my playlist lately. 

1. To start, a lot of this month for me has been sitting around and waiting for my ankle to heal. As such, a song that's been constantly playing in my head as a nice summary of my situation is Regina Spektor's "Somedays". It's a cute little melody about how we all have days that just sortof slip through our fingers and how at times, they don't even feel days from our lives, like our days, at all. Anyways, it's a pleasant gem esp. when you feel like brooding.

2. Other music this month included a lot of the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. After watching the movie, I couldn't get any of these songs out of my head! I'd wake up humming "There's no place like London" and eventually I wound up finding the soundtrack online. This resulted in me playing the entire album on repeat continuously. I really couldn't get over how great some of the songs and just how well they went together. They're witty and lyrical with great attention to score details. I like how the tone can be cynical and dark but hopeful all in the same song. It's quite a feat. Most of the songs were modified to fit the film version but I feel like that didn't detract from their quality at all. In fact, they make quite a few songs more enjoyable & manageable. Plus, the choice of actors was superb; their singing fit their parts so perfectly. I was really impressed both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter carried themselves quite nicely and Ed Sander's (Toby) charming childish voice was a sweet surprise. Jayne Wisener (played Johanna)'s voice was just perfection. 

A couple of my favorites include: "Not While I'm Around", "Pretty Women", "Worst Pies in London", "Green Finch & Linnet Bird"*, "Johanna", "A little Priest", "By the Sea", "God That's Good". "Wait" and "Poor Thing" were pretty good, too. Basically, I loved the whole thing. 
Here's a great playlist if you'd like to listen to the playlist.

3. So those are the songs I've been obsessed with and have been gobbling up in my relax/free time. When it comes to school or work, I tend to gravitate towards instrumental pieces to get me into the mood. I stay away from songs with words because I get distracted by them waaaay too easily and end up spending more time pondering the lyrics than actually getting any work done.  So the artist I've been listening to lately for work is Bob Acri. He mostly does piano pieces and my favorite from him is "Sleep Away". The reprise for that one is fabulous as well. But yeah, you get the easy listening vibe I have for work-related music.
Sleep Away by Bob Acri on Grooveshark

4. A random song I've been jamming to is the Mystery Jet's The Ballad of Emmerson Lonestar. I have a cousin's wedding to go to in Texas next month and this has been my way of getting ready: listening to British guys sing about the "Radlands". Yuuup. That's probably not the smartest way to prepare but oh wells. It's a good song.

5. OH I've also been getting back into Bastille. I fell in love with this band a little over a year ago but had let it sit on the back burner when our radio stations decided to overplay Pompeii but gosh darn, Dan's voice is like British red velvet and listening to their stuff reminds me how much I adore it. Also, those eyes and that hair, man. Gooood stuff. 

Alright, well that's about it.. Perhaps in the future I'll do another post on my favorite artists and my music tastes but that's it for now. Thanks for reading and linkup yourself so I can know what you're listening to! :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Around the Web

So I usually like to post my own content but man, the internet has been bustling with fascinating things this month so without further ado, here's a quick "Around the Web" list of what I've been mesmerized with this hot, sticky August month.

1. Love
I just stumbled upon the greatest little collection of these beautiful photographs of LGBT couples. The photographer did a fabulous job encapsulating the beauty of gay couples and really bringing the nostalgic feeling of romance alive with these photos. I felt like I just had to share it because it's just so touching and breathtaking. You can hear more about the photographer's project here.

2. I want to live
In the wake of Robin William's death, there's been a multitude of emotions and opinions being passed around, but one of my favorite comic writers, Erika Moen, did a very fabulous job of providing her two cents on the topic. Two very intimate and personal cents but nonetheless, the emotion and intent of the piece cannot escape anyone who's been through depression or suicidal tendencies; it resonates with the darkness that many of us have seen. It's a very powerful message and I'm so glad she shared her struggle so beautifully and succinctly with the rest of the world.

3. Fatshion Peepshow
Dude, this blog is like the best thing to happen to the internet right now. And I'm not even exaggerating. I love the style, the body positive message, and the fun sass that Stina Scott brings into this website. It's got fabulous style combining the many elements I love about goth with my love for retro and vintage as well. One of my favorite posts is this one, it's got a nice compilation of many cool looks Stina has put together over the months. She really does a great job of running a cool show that really highlights how limitless beauty truly is. It's not about age, size, or clothing style; it's really all about you! Epic kudos to Stina. Keep rocking it!

4. An Honest Drug
I'm very obsessed with Fee's blog here. There is so much inspiration abounding everywhere on this site, I love it!!!! She's got great blogging ideas, styling posts, cool DIYs, opinions, and more. Yup, her blog is really my addiction right now. You really just have to check it out to understand the amount of awesome going on. So go ahead, click that link! You won't regret it! (Now please excuse me while I fangirl and peruse more of her website)

5. Sweeney Todd
So I'm going to do a longer post on my love for Tim Burton's work and why I'm just now getting around to consume more of it. But for now I'll just leave you with the knowledge that I finally watched Sweeney Todd and I'm madly in love with it. Everything about that movie was fantastical! I've even delved a little bit into the play itself and I can respect and appreciate the artistic liberties Tim Burton took with a few segments (like that one scene with the Judge... yeah, I never got the literary point of that) and overall, I think it definitely did the play justice. In fact, I'm now a converted fan of musicals. Thank you, Sweeney Todd! :)

6.  Offbeat Bride
I just started following this website on a spur of the moment feel and boy am I glad I did!! While I'm nowhere near marriage or wedding plans, just getting to see the fantastically amazing and beautiful weddings and celebrations of love people throw is so inspiring and joyful! It's like a fun celebration of alternative culture and people along with creativity and thriftiness all in one place! I'm so glad to be able to partake in this community! It's like a tiny internet party I get to attend all by myself with like-minded others! (While still in pajamas! How awesome is that!!) If you have a penchant for alternative, quirky ideas and love, definitely give this website a chance! It's full of fun surprises! :) (Personal recommendations: this one and this too!)

7. The Glamorous Housewife
Another somewhat random follow seeing as to how I'm neither a housewife nor a mother but don't be fooled into thinking that's a requirement to follow this site! It's for anyone with a taste in vintage and retro classics! It's exploding with fun and cool ideas infused with blast-from-the-past themes. I'm absolutely infatuated with everything on this blog plus the cute youtube videos that accompany it. As a proclaimed party planner, this site is a treasure chest for ideas and tips on how to throw the perfect dinner party and easy to follow recipes and looks for the night. Her blog has everything from cooking, parties, and fashion to DIY, it has something for everyone! Give it a taste! :)

Alright, well that's this month's roundup! I hope you enjoyed getting a look at where I spend my time online. Let me know what you think of these sites in the comments below! And send me any recommendations you have of websites of your own that you are in love with! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello all!
Just a quick update I'm squeezing in here before I'm off to work. The posts might be a little slow for the next few weeks seeing as how I'm still injured (really bad ankle sprain) and drowning in work. I hope you don't mind the lag! Hopefully things will be smoother and better next month! Thank you for understanding! In the meanwhile, I shall leave you with this strange photo I found in my homework. Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cool/Crazy Find

This is very very random but as I was studying for my limnology practical, I ran across this really interesting/weird jewelry phenomenon on the internet. Apparently, someone decided to employ this charming little aquatic critter known as a caddisfly to make jewelry! It took me a while to get used to the idea but check out the full story!

See, caddisflies spend most of their life as worm-like larvae dwelling happily in wetland/freshwater systems. Once they reach maturity, they spin a nice cocoon and emerge as winged adults on the water surface. Then they're off to life in the terrestrial setting: copulating, laying eggs (in water so the cycle of life can repeat itself), and eventually dying. Most species in the underwater larvae part of their life, use silk to make cute little protective covers from the material in their surroundings (e.g. gravel, sand, twigs, pebbles, etc.). And that is where humans come in.

It seems, this guy thought it would be fun to see what caddisfly larvae would do if you gave them gold, pearls, and other jewelry pieces to make their case instead of sand or other natural boring bits. The end results are pretty rad and interesting. Here are some of the photos:

So, as you can see, they're pretty cool and awesome but also a bit freaky. I mean, the idea is wickedly clever and smart. Plus the end result looks nice but it looks a bit odd when the caddisfly larvae are still living in it. At that moment it's more like a "Huh? what's going on here" moment. Overall, I think it's pretty cool and fascinating. Definitely a neat find but at the same time, I feel slightly bad for those poor little bugs. They have no idea what's happening. I guess (and hope) it's a mutualistic exchange though: this guy gets cool jewelry (and fame) while these caddisflies get food and lodging until they can fly away. Either way it's quite a sight and something interesting to think about.

What do you all think? Should this artist be using caddisflies to make jewelry? Do you think it's ethical? Is it cool or creepy? Would you buy or wear any of it? Tell me what's your reaction in the comments below! :)

If you want to read more on this, here are a few links!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Someecards Sewing

These are only hilarious because they're so darn true haha

Personal Style: Part 1

So I’ve posted a few polyvore outfits before and just thought before I delve more into clothes, I should take a moment to describe my view on it. I thought this would be a good place to start so you have a good idea of my current style before I begin sharing more outfits and stuff.

Before we dive in, I want to make a key distinction. You might've noticed I use the term "personal style" over “fashion”. The reason I do this is because I think style should solely be focused on you. Personal style is centered on creating a distinct look that fits who you are. Fashion is centered on the majority; it's an industry based on what a handful of designers think looks good. It's an arbitrary determinant of what should or shouldn’t be in and it's definitely not the first thing you should think about when you get dressed in the morning. Let’s forgo the hollow beauty standards and extravagant price tags that fashion entails. When you adorn yourself, it should be all about your taste, which is why I like sticking to the term personal style. It’s my way of saying everything is all about you! Granted, you are free to incorporate fashion as you see fit but, please don’t let that dictate what you do; you're all much too fabulous for that. I see personal style as a great way to express yourself and that's what makes it unique. Some people see the two words as synonymous, but I like to imagine them as separate entities independent of one another and occasionally overlapping. Anyways my personal opinion aside, let’s get down to business.

Just a nice quote I found on Tumblr that fits what I'm saying
Now, for the topic at hand: my personal style. So, I've always been attracted to the darker aesthetic and enjoy the more unusual expressions that clothing can offer. I think it is truly amazing how much of an impression you can make simply by the outfit you chose. It's like you communicate volumes about yourself merely by what you wear and your demeanor. It's pretty cool and once I learned to appreciate that I realized how important it was to cultivate a unique and fun personal style that accurately reflects me.
Growing up, I didn't have much say in what I wore. I didn't exercise the ability to express myself: I just wore whatever my mom approved of, which could be well summed up as an obscure t-shirt and baggy jeans. Throw in a feminine colored jacket every now and then and voilĂ , that's a nice summary of what I wore for like 12 years in grade school. Essentially, the more authentic and accurate representation of me remained hidden: the dark colors, quirky humor, intricate jewelry, decade pieces, it was all tucked away.
As I got older, however, I found out what a great means of expression clothing could be. Since then I've become more vocal about what I want and standing my ground on being who I want to be and how I project myself. Just last year, I went through my entire closet; cleaning out the clutter and cleansing it of anything I didn't love or need. My closet is much emptier now as a result but I'm also a lot happier and also very excited to incorporate my new clothing into my look. I plan on not just ogling at that rockabilly dress online and writing it off as untouchable, but instead finding ways to incorporate it and other elements I admire into my life. Time to start treating life like a stage! So yeah.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Murder Mystery Party

Hi there! I thought I'd share this little story since it's fun and something I'm do outside of my obligations and duties. I like planning and throwing themed parties and this past month, I threw a 1920s themed murder mystery party. It was a lot of fun!

Back in high school (which feels like ages ago now) my best friend had this annual tradition of throwing themed parties and I would always help out as a co-host. It was super exciting and I enjoyed everything about the whole process: from brainstorming decoration ideas and making the food, to getting creative with party games. It was always a blast. In lieu of that charming tradition (since everyone’s moved on), I decided to throw a themed party by myself this year. And since I've always wanted to go to a Murder Mystery party, I decided why not mix the two?

So I got some friends interested and then had everyone pick (dates, themes, times, etc.). I was very democratic with the decision-making process but in the future, I'd recommend just doing whatever you want since you’re the one doing most of the work (you want to make sure you like it). In any case, we picked a 1920s theme at an affluent wealthy patron's house.

Now since I'd never done this, I did all research I could on the topic and read everything I could find which left me very bewildered and confused but also much wiser. There are a bunch of different ways you can do a murder mystery party (something I cover in another post) but since it was all new to me (not to mention overwhelming), I decided to stick to the basics:I invited 16 guests and to make it more fun, everyone got a character. They got little character info sheets with their RSVPs that way they could know more about their persona and dress the part. I debated about whether I should buy a murder mystery party (mmp for short) kit which has characters and a story-line pre-made but what's the fun in that? Plus most of the ones I looked at were pretty expensive (I do not have $40-160 just for a kit I have to print myself. Yeah, no. Sorry, not happening). So I just wrote one by myself which seemed like a good idea at first but turned out to be super hard! It was very rewarding in the end but also really time-consuming and stressful. There are a lot of different factors and elements you have to think of not to mention you’ve got to be creative and clever.

Now if anyone else out there is thinking of doing a mmp (without buying a kit) and wants any advice, on how to write it, check out my later post here for a step-by-step guide. But for now, here are some of the photos we took from that night.

Despite my perpetual worrying, everything overall went smoothly and everyone said they had a great time. I got really lucky because all my friends wanted to help out with food so we had a potluck style dinner which made planning ten times easier (I seriously just made a 1920s themed food list and everyone signed up!).  In terms of decoration, I stayed more on the minimal side. Since it was a dinner party, I just incorporated little 1920s elements into our house rather than trying to turn everything into a flapper bonanza (I know, I know, it's sad I couldn’t go all Gatsby on this one but hey, we all have a budget).

Anyways, that's all I've got for you now. I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit on my solo party planning adventures. If you want to know more about the party process, be sure to check my other post. And hopefully if I throw more parties in the future, I'll share them here with you as well! :) Until then, good night!

Treasure Tromp

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fifties Fun!

Greetings & Salutations, Everybody (free brownies for whoever knows where that quotes from ;)
Here's a quick set I put together for funzies. I'm completely in love with the 1950's rockabilly style so I made a little stylish collection to honor that tradition! The little swallows are meant to be ironed onto the jackets. Super rad, right? It's a little rushed because I'm really busy today but I hope you enjoy it anyways!
Fifties Fun!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Webcomics I Read

Hello Lovelies!
So as I'm waiting for my ankle to heal up, I just thought it would be fun to share a little more about myself. Specifically a catalog of all the various webcomics I've read or am keeping up with. Somehow this list keeps on growing so keep an eye out because I'll be routinely updating it.

Exactly how my love for webcomics started...I'm not entirely sure. Somewhere in my internet debauchery (probably around the time I discovered imgur and tvtropes), I stumbled upon a funny comic and decided to go to the website where I archive binged the whole thing. When that wasn't enough, I clicked on one of the featured websites which took me to another webcomic and that one had a few spin-offs. And I just had to keep up with all of those, too… And well, I think you get the picture.  Soooo yeah
One innocent comic turned into a mass collection of webcomics.
But it's okay. It’s kinda nice to have a few stories I’m keeping up with; it gives me something to look forward to on the internet besides social media. It's like having your Sunday Newspaper Comics all in one place, every day of the week.

Webcomics are really awesome to me because they combine the greatness of comics with the simplicity of the internet so a wider audience can enjoy them.  Plus each webcomic is unique. I follow each one for a different reason. Some I read because their story is just really fascinating (Run Freak Run, Powernap, Missing Monday, etc.) and others, I confess, I only follow because the art and style is just too damn fabulous and eye-amazing that I just can't stop reading it regardless of content. A few are purely for comic relief and a good laugh (MercWorks, Oatmeal, etc.) while others are more for their overall style and message (Sinfest, Tripping Over You, Band VS Band, etc.).

Also, note: some of these are definitely adult so if they have a huge NSFW by them, don’t click unless you’re totally comfortable with that stuff! You’ve been warned! One more adjustment, I bolded the comics I'd really really recommend.

Anyways enough rambling, here's the list!
  1. Powernap
  2. Spindrift
  3. Run Freak Run
  4. Tripping Over You
  5. Love Not Found
  6. Gaia
  7. Trying Human
  8. Band Vs Band
  9. Domics
  10. Missing Monday
  11. Metacarpolis
  12. Cat VS Human
  13. Incidental Comics
  14. Erstwhile
  15. Queen of Hearts
  16. Sinfest**
  17. Meaty Yogurt
  18. String Theory
  19. Doctor Cat
  20. Oatmeal
  21. Carciphona
  22. Spinnerette
  23. MercWorks
  24. The Girl Who Flew Away
  25. Wilde Life
  26. The Lonely Vincet Bellingham
  27. Cucumber Quest
  28. Oglaf (NSFW)
  29. Chester5000XYV (NSFW)
  30. Oh Joy Sex Toys (NSFW)
  31. Go Get A Roomie (NSFW)
  32. The Cummoner (NSFW)
  33. Oh Mandy! (NSFW)
  34. Jeannie Lynn Paske's Obsolete World
Already completed webcomis:
  1. Red String 
  2. Demon's Aid 
  3. I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space (all completed)
  4. Bite Me!
  5. Tripp
**-- Unpopular opinion of the day: I LOVE Sinfest even after the post-feminism stuff. His work is fabulous. Also, I haven't gotten thru the entire archive yet...

There are also some comics I used to read routinely (archive binged & everything) but don't anymore. Mainly it's because I just don't like them anymore but more importantly, the dislike arises because I disagree with them on principle now (they're guilty of sexism, distasteful fanservice, poor treatment of abuse/violence, etc.). As such, I just wouldn't recommend them to others (in fact, I'd strongly discourage you from reading them) & I'm including them here to give others a heads up. I just wouldn't want someone else to make the same mistake I did of getting invested in a comic that really isn't good for you.

Menage a 3 (NSFW)
Sticky Dilly Buns (NSFW)
Sandra on the Rocks (NSFW)
Eerie Cuties
Magick Chicks
Dangerously Chloe
Two Guys & Guy

Friday, August 1, 2014

Just A Note

Hi again!
So, this is more of a personal note to myself for future reference but I thought I'd share it with you all (in case anyone is interested) . Basically, I'm just making a quick list of the things I hope to cover in this blog. Granted, these list might change and evolve over time but, for now, this is what I'm going to focus on.
Here's the list:
1-creative projects (creative stuff: DIY alterations, etc.)
2-personal projects (like personal growth in academics, health, etc.)
3-alternative subculture stuff (steampunk, goth, rockabilly, etc.)
4-personal style (outfits, clothes, etc.)
5-my thoughts and opinions (on random topics)
6-reviews on things I've tried (products, media, etc.)
7-my life (when applicable, if interesting)