Saturday, August 2, 2014

Webcomics I Read

Hello Lovelies!
So as I'm waiting for my ankle to heal up, I just thought it would be fun to share a little more about myself. Specifically a catalog of all the various webcomics I've read or am keeping up with. Somehow this list keeps on growing so keep an eye out because I'll be routinely updating it.

Exactly how my love for webcomics started...I'm not entirely sure. Somewhere in my internet debauchery (probably around the time I discovered imgur and tvtropes), I stumbled upon a funny comic and decided to go to the website where I archive binged the whole thing. When that wasn't enough, I clicked on one of the featured websites which took me to another webcomic and that one had a few spin-offs. And I just had to keep up with all of those, too… And well, I think you get the picture.  Soooo yeah
One innocent comic turned into a mass collection of webcomics.
But it's okay. It’s kinda nice to have a few stories I’m keeping up with; it gives me something to look forward to on the internet besides social media. It's like having your Sunday Newspaper Comics all in one place, every day of the week.

Webcomics are really awesome to me because they combine the greatness of comics with the simplicity of the internet so a wider audience can enjoy them.  Plus each webcomic is unique. I follow each one for a different reason. Some I read because their story is just really fascinating (Run Freak Run, Powernap, Missing Monday, etc.) and others, I confess, I only follow because the art and style is just too damn fabulous and eye-amazing that I just can't stop reading it regardless of content. A few are purely for comic relief and a good laugh (MercWorks, Oatmeal, etc.) while others are more for their overall style and message (Sinfest, Tripping Over You, Band VS Band, etc.).

Also, note: some of these are definitely adult so if they have a huge NSFW by them, don’t click unless you’re totally comfortable with that stuff! You’ve been warned! One more adjustment, I bolded the comics I'd really really recommend.

Anyways enough rambling, here's the list!
  1. Powernap
  2. Spindrift
  3. Run Freak Run
  4. Tripping Over You
  5. Love Not Found
  6. Gaia
  7. Trying Human
  8. Band Vs Band
  9. Domics
  10. Missing Monday
  11. Metacarpolis
  12. Cat VS Human
  13. Incidental Comics
  14. Erstwhile
  15. Queen of Hearts
  16. Sinfest**
  17. Meaty Yogurt
  18. String Theory
  19. Doctor Cat
  20. Oatmeal
  21. Carciphona
  22. Spinnerette
  23. MercWorks
  24. The Girl Who Flew Away
  25. Wilde Life
  26. The Lonely Vincet Bellingham
  27. Cucumber Quest
  28. Oglaf (NSFW)
  29. Chester5000XYV (NSFW)
  30. Oh Joy Sex Toys (NSFW)
  31. Go Get A Roomie (NSFW)
  32. The Cummoner (NSFW)
  33. Oh Mandy! (NSFW)
  34. Jeannie Lynn Paske's Obsolete World
Already completed webcomis:
  1. Red String 
  2. Demon's Aid 
  3. I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space (all completed)
  4. Bite Me!
  5. Tripp
**-- Unpopular opinion of the day: I LOVE Sinfest even after the post-feminism stuff. His work is fabulous. Also, I haven't gotten thru the entire archive yet...

There are also some comics I used to read routinely (archive binged & everything) but don't anymore. Mainly it's because I just don't like them anymore but more importantly, the dislike arises because I disagree with them on principle now (they're guilty of sexism, distasteful fanservice, poor treatment of abuse/violence, etc.). As such, I just wouldn't recommend them to others (in fact, I'd strongly discourage you from reading them) & I'm including them here to give others a heads up. I just wouldn't want someone else to make the same mistake I did of getting invested in a comic that really isn't good for you.

Menage a 3 (NSFW)
Sticky Dilly Buns (NSFW)
Sandra on the Rocks (NSFW)
Eerie Cuties
Magick Chicks
Dangerously Chloe
Two Guys & Guy


  1. Hahh, thanks for the suggestions, I'll check them out. ^^ I usually read webcomics in the morning when I don't yet have the brain capacity for anything more complex, or in bathtub and on the toilet...sorry, too much info...:P
    I also used to read them at work while waiting for the system to start up and my mails to load, webcomics are good to kill time. ^^

    1. No problem! You're very welcome! I usually start my day with them too!! Haha nah, it's all good. I love learning more about people. But yes, they're a great way to use up time when you've got a few free minutes! :)