Wednesday, December 31, 2014

NY Goals & Bat Fit

1. Practice more conscious and effective time management.
I’ve realized the only reason I never get to do the things I really want to do (like blog, sew, see friends, etc.) is because I don’t have time for them and that’s a direct result of poor planning and procrastination. By wasting time (internet, TV, etc.) when I should be working, I’m taking away from time I could be doing something I actually like. So this is a big deal; if I can just exercise some self-control, I can possibly accomplish more of what I want to in the same time.

2. Aim for better grades and academic goals.
I might’ve let my priorities shift a bit this past year to just taking care of myself (both mentally and physically). And while that’s all fine and dandy (I’m still alive, yay!), I think it’s time to direct the focus back on my education and doing the absolute best I can in my classes. My record in college has been splotchy at best so let’s try to finish strong!

3. Think about and address the future.
This is really just facing the big question of what will I do after college. I need to address this question pronto and think of possibilities of what I can do. Researching career options, grad programs, and coming up with a 5 year plan are all good places to start. Talking to the career counselor might also be a good idea too. Basically, as long as I don’t wait until the graduation day to answer this question, I’m fine.

4. Spend more time doing creative projects & crafts.
I have like 3 boxes full of fabric, beads, creative projects, and little “things to do” (as evidenced by my sewing and craft checklists), it’s about time I did them. Hopefully, if I can uphold goal #1 of time management, I can get to these as well. That way I’ll be able to knock out this goal as well. Yay for double dipping!

5. Embrace my adult responsibilities.
Let’s face it: I’m not getting any younger. Every year, I’m just getting older, it’s time I start being a grown up. This means more taking care of myself and less depending on everyone else to do it for me (aka cooking, cleaning, making my own lunches, finding my own transportation, making my own decisions, etc.). Not going to lie, this one is going to be the least fun but the most necessary.

The next few goals are specifically for Bat Fit.

6. Lose 20 pounds.
A bit self-explanatory. I’ve always been a bit chubbier than average and fatter than I’d like. So, rather than waste away another year wishing I was fitter but doing nothing, the New Year feels like a good time as any to make some healthy changes. Everyone says your 20s are your prime; I should at least look and feel like that before it’s gone!

7. Exercise regularly.
I don’t care if this means going to the gym three times a week or just doing sit ups during commercials. Basically, I just want to make exercise is part of my weekly routine. I want to create an exercise habit and stick with it, no matter how small. It’s been a long-term goal of mine ever since P.E. class (so like 5-6 years) ended to incorporate exercise in my life and it’d be really awesome if I could accomplish it this year.

8. Eat healthier.
Pretty straight forward. Less processed junk, more whole natural foods. Plus, eating on time (aka on a schedule); I have a bad tendency to eat sporadically which is actually not that good for me. It means I either starve myself or eat more than I need to be full. So I have to really watch that. It helps that I have to read up on nutrition for the class I’m teaching in spring. Not only am I learning but it’s also really motivating me to make positive changes.

9. Sleep routinely.
A fairly simple goal. Long story short, my sleep schedule is all whack. I’m either sleeping past noon in break or staying up until sunrise during school. I’m really bad at sleeping (and waking up) on time which usually translates into being sleep-deprived or missing my morning duties. So yeah. I really have to work on this (is it just me or are you seeing a time management trend here? Haha practically half my goals could be solved with good prioritizing/planning).

10.  Blog regularly.
Basically, just blog more often and more good content (aka less rambling apologies about how I haven’t blogged in forever).

So there you have it, those are my goals for this coming year. What about all of you? Do we have any of the same goals? Or do you have some less cliché ones? :) Let me know in the comments below!

Dude, I'm really loving this Bat Fit design, the bat trim is just gorgeous.
So fabulous!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking Forward

Greetings Readers!
How's everyone doing? I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season. I had fun catch-up reading everyone’s blogs; so many exciting updates (big congrats to Dr. Z)! My last post was about taking a hiatus and while I wouldn't say I'm officially back (yet), I thought what the heck, why not make just one last post for 2014 before it's over.

Speaking of which, can you believe it? 2014 is already over! Right when I was getting used to writing 14! In any case, it's definitely been a crazy and turbulent year. I've had a lot of ups (cool teaching program) and downs (spraining my ankle) and overall it's been an okay year. I've grown a lot as a person and gotten more comfortable with myself but there's still so much to do and see! I’ve taken some big chances (changing majors yet again) but the learning and improving doesn’t stop there! And that’s exactly what I'm hoping to do this coming year: challenge myself to grow even more.

Realizing it's going to be my last year of undergrad has been difficult for me to come to terms with. It all seems so bizarre; I've always gone to school and been a student. That's always been my number one priority. What's going to happen when that paradigm is fundamentally shifted? I feel like this past year I finally reached a place where I was comfortable in college (heck, I was even enjoying it), but right when I'd settled in, I got the rude awakening that in just a year's time the tables are going to turn yet again. Trying to think about what lies ahead after this makes me so anxious and worried. Just attempting to plan for that future is daunting and scary but I know it has to be done and the sooner I deal with it, the better. 

I'm definitely guilty of trying to run away from real change; I’ll move things around in my room, try new cuisines, and throw out old clothes but when it comes to actual radical change, I shrink away. I’ll postpone growing up (cough cough not learning how to drive or do taxes or what APR is) and making much-needed changes to my life (cough cough eating healthier, moving out, etc.) because it's just too much to handle to me. The unknown is so risky and intimidating and rather than facing it, I like to retreat to the comfort and familiarity of my current routine; that option is always so alluring and more importantly, convenient and easy.

But the truth is there’s nothing to gain in that approach: in just staying the same. Nothing ever changes. Like yeah, my life right now is pretty good and I’m super grateful for everything, but I just feel like it could be better, I could be better. There’s a certain security and safety in doing what you’ve always done but at what cost? You’re giving up all these fabulous possibilities. If you never step out of your comfort zone, you never realize your true potential. You’ve just stagnated.

It reminds me of this really insightful quote my trig teacher once told me (and had up on her wall), “Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there”* Sometimes the most glorious rewards come when you take a risk, when you go out on a limb and do something daring and crazy. And hey, even if it doesn’t work out, at least you tried, right? You’ll have an answer and some insights instead of the regrets and “what-ifs” (ugh those are the worst). And I think that’s my next big challenge. Trying to encourage, embrace, and adjust more easily to groundbreaking change. Like, learning to allow and accept it rather than ignoring or avoiding it. 

So, in that vein, I want to announce my new goals for 2015 (including my Bat Fit goals!). They’re including in the next post (partly because I wanted to give them their own post and also I wrote too much in this one, bwhaha). Let me know what you think of them in the comments! Any suggestions are welcome!