Thursday, January 29, 2015

January's Homework Assignment

Oh, wow, January has been a whirlwind of busy, frenzied chaos and trouble. It's just been such a nightmare, too much havoc for my taste. I've had the experience of realizing why taking 20 units isn't such a good idea. That's largely the reason I haven't posted anything. It's just been too crazy. Hopefully next month will be better. However, before I kiss this month goodbye (for good), I thought it'd be fun to partake in the customary monthly blog, hosted by the ever so fabulous (and recently crowned Dr.) Curious Professor Z!

So, without any further ado, here is the prompt:

Show your crafting/art/sewing/knitting/crochet works in progress and the projects that you want to tackle in the next few months. What's on your cutting table? What's in your knitting basket? Did you just buy four new skeins of yarn for that shawl you've been meaning to make? Is there a canvas in the corner of your room just begging for some paint? Show us what you've been up to and what you are planning. 

Ok, before I start, can I just say how much I love love love love this prompt!! It's like the Professor read my mind! I am oh so guilty of crafting (and the half finished or not even started projects that entails) along with hoarding (don’t forget the hoarding!). In fact, I have an entire corner I have affectionately dubbed the "crafting corner"; one because that's an alliteration and I love those and two because I really don't know how else to refer to the growing glob of projects I’m accumulating. Just this month, I actually got myself a small table that way I could keep all the crafts I'm working on in one place. Here’s a nice pic of it:
I know, I know not that glamorous and a bit messy but it's a new addition
I'm still getting used to it :)
Now, in regards to my projects, I actually have a bit of a system so let me give you a quick run. Basically, I have two big (completely full) boxes of projects (kinda like an inventory). I’ve cataloged what is in each one here and here (there's also one more box but shh, I like to tell myself there are only two). But those are like my master checklists; they have all my crafty/creative stuff in one place. I like having them for reference; they make me feel organized (and sane). Plus they’re good blackmail; I have recently put an embargo on myself that I won’t buy any more fabric or crafty stuff until one (or some) of these box projects have been taken care of. So far this plan has been working. The crafting and buying is on hold for now (thanks a lot physics!). Usually it’s just one (and I think you all know which one that is ;). Honestly, I like having the boxes and checklists because they give me a nice system. I have a good idea of what’s going on: what I already own, what’s in progress, what needs repair, what I should be working on, etc.
Left: The 2 boxes making their first appearance. 
Top Right: Current Projects
Bottom Right: A glimpse into Box 3
So that’s what I’ve got planned (future-wise) but in terms of what in IP (in progress) as of right now, that’s in this other box (are you starting to see a trend here? I like boxing things). I keep that box on my crafting table and take projects out as I go. Currently, I have two skirts I’m trying to make. One is from this cloth I found thrifting and the other is this very cheap but too big dress I bought in Kohls. I’m hoping to finish those up really soon though and then hopefully start on some jewelry making (my pliers recently broke so I’m waiting on some new ones). Soo yeah, that’s what I’ve got going. How about you? Do any of you have a system to keep things in check or do you just do projects on a whim? What are you all working on?

P.S.  Hope you enjoyed the photos! They're not that great but I'm working on it! Haha you  may have noticed I don't normally have lots of photos (camera, quality, time, etc. issues) but I'm trying to incorporate them more this year. We'll see how it goes! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Resolutions Update

Remember those New Years & Bat Fit resolutions I made?  Yeah, don't worry, me neither.
So to give everyone a much needed reminder. I'd basically resolved to:

1-Manage my time better
2-Do better academically
3-Think bout my future
4-Be creative
5-Be adult-ish

6-Lose 20 pounds
8-Eat better
9-Sleep better
10-Blog better

Mmm, man, I wish I could say I've been following them but to be totally honest, classes started, things got stressful, and I proceeded to completely forget about these. Hahaha. Oops.

On the plus side, I kinda made some progress on a few of these. I took the bus for the first time (went to school and came back all by myself. Woo for being a grown up!). I went to jury duty, got my first key made (fun fact, I got a key to our research lab before I got a house key. Haha how weird is that? I like to joke it shows how committed I am to science XD), and am going to take my DMV test on Monday. So yay seems like I'm doing really well on #5 on the list.

Plus, I've been challenging myself to do something that kinda scares me at least once a month. You know small things (like talking to strangers in the elevator or telling someone what I honestly think) to get myself to step out of my comfort zone and trying something new. It's been a bit scary but also exciting and fun. I've learned a lot. I think I'd also count that as being adult-ish and creative, too. I've also been keeping a jar where I put in good things that have happened to me (thanks Professor Z for that wonderful idea!) and been thinking bout my blog so I think that gets #4 & #10 a tad too. I've prioritized sleep (#9) over all-nighters (#2) a few times as well so I'm not sure whether that counts or not. It's like I kept one resolution at the expense of the other haha.

To be real though, the other numbers I haven't even thought about. The most glaring is #1 Time Management. The more reckless I am about how I spend my time, the more I realize how valuable and important it is. It's like this academic session was a colossal mess and all because I couldn't get my time in order. So yeah. I've really got to work on that. My eating and exercising could use some help, too. I haven't done anything remotely physical and swing from the extremes of either eating too much or too little (aka starving myself. so no bueno). That needs some overdue attention. Not to mention, I'm running away from my academics and future again. So yeah. I guess I could use some work on a lot of these but for now, I'm just going to celebrate my successes with some soup and pledge for better tomorrow.

How have your resolutions been coming? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Third Box Checklist

Guess who has another box of crafts to do? XD Yup, me. Anywhoo, here's the list of stuff in this one:
1. Gray kyrta
2. HJP Turtlenecks
3. Color Block Shirt
4. Turtlenecks
5. Pattern Black Shirt
6. Black lace
7. Black & White lace
8. Hawaiian Fabrics (3)
11. Black Blouse
12. Blue Pattern Jacket
13. Black & White Shirt (w/ xx pattern)
14. Black & Purple & Gray Checkered Shirt
15. Wooden Penguins
16. Spikes
17. Jewels (Black ones)
18. Jewelry to make
a. Gold Geometric Shapes
b. Eyes
c. Fler de iris
d. Necklace
19. Joanne’s place fabric (black w/ pattern)
20. Pearls