Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Word

Hello Folks!
How's your life going? I hope everyone's doing well. Enjoying life, having a blast. Partaking in all the wonderful things that come with having a brain and body. The bread and butter of existence, no?!

Me, I've been ok... Man, this year has been off to such a rocky start. I've got so many things going on and a whole 'nother slew of things I don't want to deal with. The ups and downs have been taking their tolls. I have days where the ups are enough to keep me floating and others where the tide just pulls me down to the deep end. I've been so focused on just surviving I haven't even given my creative side much thought. But keeping that in mind, I'm going to be real honest with you all. I'm in a bit of a funk. The funk about my blog. I'm not really sure what I want to do with it anymore. I started out with such a clear vision: crafts, DIY, art, done. But looking at the labels, I went all over the place and kinda did everything but that. lol. Guess I got pretty lost.

I think I just need to have a clearer vision before I dive in. Perhaps I should focus a bit more on fashion, clothes, and stuff? Do OOTDs and all that jazz? Or maybe it's time I devote to sewing, take the plunge and post only bout that? Or pay better attention to my subculture? I'm not sure. But I promise, I'm trying to figure it out. It's kinda tricky but I've resolved that I'm going to do it. Side tangent: Weirdly enough, whatever I do end up doing just doesn't satisfy me. I'm just unhappy and unsatisfied by whatever end result I do churn out. Maybe it's the curse of being a perfectionist. But nothing is ever good enough. I always just focus on how I could've done it better if I just had more (time, better camera, etc. etc.).  

This year's going to be different, I swear.
But, these are all really lousy and crappy excuses. I can't keep going on like this making one measly decent post a month and every other post is an apology for my sub-par content and lack of updates otherwise. Nope that's just depressing. It won't do. As such, I'm going to take care of this matter myself. I promise to get to the bottom of it. As tempting as it is to just quit and call it a day, I'm not taking that easy way out. You can't just quit a blog every time things get ugly and start over. No, that's cowardly in my book. I'm going to trudge forward no matter how icky it gets. So my apologies if I continue to stumble and sporadic post or suddenly change my layout/theme colors/etc. Know it isn't a demonstration of fickleness more so just my thrashing and kicking from trying to navigate the mess and confusion of my own waters. So I hope you don't mind if I let things sit in frost and snow until the spring rains wake me up. I'll have this settled by the first day of spring, promise. Until then, I hope you can bear with me. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and I shall see you again when the sun shines stronger! Lots of Love!

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