Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goth Gushing: Crimson Peak

Dear Readers,I would like to interrupt our regularly scheduled (boring) broadcasting of "Sara's sorry she hasn't posted in forever but still has nothing good to share" to bring you a sincere session of GOTH GUSHING.

Today's topic is the oh-so-amazing new trailer out for the year's upcoming film Crimson Peak.
In case anyone hasn't watched this glorious piece of media, here's the 2 minutes of perfection:

If you want a bit of story to this too short clip, the site basically sums it up as, "a haunting gothic horror story... In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds… and remembers."

Isn't it just fabulous? I honestly cannot get enough of it. I've already rewatched it a few times: playing, pausing, fawning, playing (and then repeating). There are so many elements of this film I'm digging. The atmosphere, music, costuming, set design, actors, etc. etc. I just need to take a minute to admire this. 

Like, let's start with the stellar lineup they've got. First off, I'll literally watch anything if it's got Tom Hiddleston in it (he's like a pale, high cheek-boned Adonis). But then they had to go put him in these beautiful dark, time period clothes (dat black satin) and bam, he's like a Victorian Goth God. I'm literally swooning over here. And if that wasn't good enough the film's got Charlie Hunnam too?! And he's got this manly yet earnest boy-next-door look to him that's just so fresh. Charlie's been playing all these rugged, gritty guys lately so it's nice to see him in this role (granted, I feel like he's still pretty manly but I think that's on purpose so he can be a love interest and/or prince rescuer). Tom & Charlie might just be my two favorite men in Hollywood and now they're in the same film?! It's too awesome. Tom just looks sooo exquisite. I feel like the comments sum it up rather nicely. That much eye candy in one film should be a crime.
And let's not forget Mia Wasikowska (who's super fantastic at quirky) and Jim Beaver (Supernatural, anyone?). And, of course, it's all orchestrated by none other than Guillermo del Toro (this guy's tortured genius just gets creepy down so well. I even liked Pacific Rim!). The people they got together for this is just amazing. If they're any indicator at how the film will be, count me in.

Man, just look at these two.
So. much. awesome.
The narrative itself seems to follow a lot of typical conventions (aka fancy words for it's a tad cliche): the mysterious tall dark & handsome stranger, the innocent naive bride, her noble childhood flame, the eerie stern older sister (I have to confess tho I'm a real chump for the weird sibling trope. idk what it is about it; it just amplifies the overall sinister creepiness to me), etc. But I'm actually kinda excited and interested in seeing how Toro plays with these archetypes. Like, just watching his flavor of them looks interesting from this cliip. And come on, who doesn't love a good old spooky horror story? Even if the plot sounds a bit conventional, there's nothing wrong with a well done gothic story. I'm just dying to know how the story unfolds (what are those huge eerie machines that we see twice in the clip? what's with the sister and her piano? why were the kids kept in attic?). It might be a bit predictable but I like the genre so something tells me I'll probably like this.

Oh, and, of course, scary bathroom spooks! (in case you haven't seen that one before) But jokes aside, I actually think I like the creepy things in the film so far. The supernatural spooky elements have been handled rather nicely. Like, it isn't so frightening or disturbing that I just want to go hide and cry (oh hello amnesia and outlast) but it's not benign and childish either. They disturb you alright, just not that badly, I suppose (read: I think wimpy me might actually be able to handle this level of scariness). The creepiness is just right for this Gothilocks.
I have to confess though, in some ways Crimson Peak really reminds me a lot of the Tim Burton aesthetic. (Quick tangent: is anyone else low key devastated that Tim Burton and Helena Carter split up? Hollywood goth couple gone. It makes me so sad. I'm just going to curl up in my Sweeney Todd PJs and cry over ice cream while I rewatch Corpse Bride) Like the color scheme has more variety than Burton usually does (think Nightmare before Christmas) but Crimson Peak still has this vividly dark nature to everything that's placed in stark contrast to our heroine with her innocent, light, warm aura and white fairy-like dresses. Burton does that often in his films as well. He'll have a world of darker hues and then one singular female who's this glowing vision of white (White Queen, Johanna, etc. this article explains it better). But then again, Crimson Peak is a lot more serious and morbid than Burton. It takes itself very seriously. Burton, if i may dare say so, almost shies away from delivering blunt straightforward horror. He's always got this twang and quirky sass that makes his movies less spooky and more kooky. Crimson Peak is like the exact opposite. It's all spook. But I like that. It looks like a good addition to the genre.

Anyways, I'll stop the over-analyzing and just say I'm really looking forward to this movie. If the trailer is any indication, this movie looks like it's going to be great. It looks so incredibly good that I might actually want to go see it in a theatre. And THAT, is saying a lot for me (I almost never watch movies in the cinema so that's why it's a huge compliment). I'm already so excited for this. Is it okay if I start counting down the days from today? I know it's in October (Why is that month so far awayyy) but still... It sounds like the best Halloween present ever. I think I might just give myself a goth orgasm over it. LOL but all exaggerations aside, it looks like a great movie and I hope you all will give it a chance and check it out too! Well this fangirl is drained out so I'm out but I hope you had fun. Take care!

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