Monday, July 6, 2015

Wrapping it UP

Hello there dear readers!
Anyone still there?
Yoo whooo.
To be honest, I highly doubt anyone still checks this blog out. But that's okay.
I, myself, pretty much stopped doing that after a while. I'm not sure what it was: the daily stress of life, the colossal challenge of drafting something worthy of blogging, or just being lost in a sea of uncertainty but essentially I was more intimidated and stressed out by the idea of running this blog than I enjoyed it so I stopped. I did a lot in the meantime. I took more classes, I had some fun projects, took some nice photos, and life was okay. I'm not going to lie, these past few months have been a lot of pensive reflecting. I've been having a lot of those 'existential crisis' moments and 'what is life' type questions so I didn't really have the time to make quality updates.

All in all, I think I might have weighed myself down with expectations of what I wanted this space instead of just going out and doing it. I'm sorry about that, guys. I know it must be pretty disappointing to get an update like this and I feel pretty crappy about it but I think it's for the best if I retire this blog for now. Plus it's also very weird to me because I feel like I've changed substantially as a person from the time I started this blog and looking at it now, I'm not sure it's a good representation of me so I'm not too keen on keeping it around.

I find it a bit ironic that around the time of my one-year anniversary instead of celebrating I'm calling it quits. Haha. Sorry, everyone! I just felt like this project wasn't going anywhere and after many struggled attempts to rejuvenate it with new life, I feel like it's time to throw in the towel. Sometimes it's important to recognize when something isn't worth the energy anymore and for me and for this, the time was now. My apologies again to anyone who was a dedicated reader to this blog. I hope you can understand my reasoning for why I am closing down shop. And don't fear! While this particular place might not be present anymore, I will still be around! I will most definitely continue reading all your blogs and commenting on your stuff. I'm always interested in what  you all are up to! Plus I'm contemplating trying this again so perhaps keep an eye out for that if you're very keen on reading up on my life. Well, until that link for a new blog pops up, I think that's it. I hope enjoyed the snippets we had and enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. I hope to see you all sometime somewhere in the future. And for a parting gift, here's a fun little song that always comes in mind for me when I think of goodbyes.

Peace out, everyone! I love you loads! Stay awesome!