Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crafts Checklist

A little while ago I was cleaning out my room and it came to my attention I still had a huge pile of creative projects to do. Some are big, others small but they were all sitting there waiting for me to complete. Thus, I sorted through them (put them neatly into one box :) and came up with a handy list so I can systematically tackle them one-by-one. Some of the items are actual projects (#9 and #52) while others are more just a note of the supplies I have (#12 and #48) but whatever the case, this is my master copy of them all! I'm hoping to do one or two a week to relax and also stretch my creativity muscles. Plus, I'm not letting myself buy new artsy fun hobby stuff until I finish up with these ones sooo let's hope I get these done soon!
I'll link a project back here when I do it or cross it off if I end up not doing it.
But that's about all there is to it. Are there any projects you want to see me do first or any ideas you have for future ones? Let me know in the comments below!

Crafty Projects Checklist:
  1.  Leftover Lanyards
  2. 3 Bracelets to fix
  3. Rose Candle
  4. Teddy Bear Remains
  5. White Box
  6. Beads Box (8+ projects within)
  7. Finger-paint palette
  8. Transparent Telephone
  9. Black Light Studio
  10. More Beads (~4 projects)
  11. Stencils
  12. Paint
  13. Wooden Maze
  14. Fake arsenal holder
  15. Goggles
  16. Earrings Maker pack
  17. Shell Bracelet
  18. Domino pieces
  19. Circle pendants
  20. Little bottles
  21. Keychains rings (~14)
  22. 3 pinmakers
  23. Chandelier repair
  24. Buttons (~21)
  25. White Bow
  26. Misc. Silver Chains
  27. Backpack buttons
  28. Chokers (4)
  29. Rusty Gold Star Jewelry
  30. Chinese Coins Jewelry (14)
  31. Gold necklace
  32. Pearl Earrings
  33. Silver Flower earrings
  34. Moon earrings
  35. Wood earrings
  36. Earring parts (~6 pairs)
  37. 3 hair barret clips
  38. 3 keychain pendants
  39. Pirate-like Beads/Pins
  40. Military pins
  41. Rusty Brown Steampunk chain
  42. Broken compass
  43. Collected gears
  44. Broken earrings to repair
  45. Silver pendants
  46. Tiny Birdhouse
  47. 1 bag of beads (~4)
  48. Film Pile
    1. Video cassettes
    2. Old film sheets  
    3. CDs 
    4. Floppy disks  
    5. Kodacrome images
  49. Headband
  50. Keys & Locks
  51. Big Brown necklace
  52. Plumeria necklace
  53. Pearl necklace
  54. Purple earrings
  55. Triangles necklace


  1. Umm.. might I ask what happened to the bear? #4 lol

    1. haha OMG yes you may. Basically, a little girl Sara once disobeyed her mother and as punishment, her mom decided to chop of the arms of her teddy bear and take his insides out. Sara was very sad but never threw his remains out and now she plans on making a Frankenstein teddy bear muahahha XD