Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sewing Checklist

So this is somewhat related to the Crafts Checklist I wrote up. Same backstory except this list just focuses on the fabric and sewing projects I have piling up. I made myself promise that I will not buy anymore fabric until this list is exhausted (or at least halfway done) so I'm really hoping I can get these done pronto because I just looove buying fabric! I mean, who doesn't?! It's so much fun: the excitement, the squeals of finding the perfect one, the hopeful promise, the brimming possibilities --gah so many emotions! Shopping fabrics is the best (except when it comes time to pay... then your wallet cries and cries).

Ahem, in any case I'll link a project back here once I finish it or cross it off if I end up throwing it out. This list might take me a while seeing how I'm just a newbie to sewing (I made a pillow cover though! Isn't it pretty??) but I hope you'll stick with me to see them through. In the meantime, here are a few someecards about sewing that I think succinctly summarize my love affair with fabric.

Sewing Projects
  1. Black & Grey formal dress
  2. Black & Grey casual dress
  3. Teal Fabric
  4. Costume Black Dress
  5. Pink and Black Roses stiff fabric
  6. Box of Spikes
  7. Brown shirt (w/ flower design)
  8. Black and White Floral skirt
  9. Maroon fabric (for a steampunk dress)
  10. Psychedelic Print (pink, red, white, blue)
  11. Red Rose Kurta
  12. Silky Satin Fabric
    1. Pink & Black
    2. White roses on black
    3. Navy stripes
  13. Psychedelic Print (black and white)
  14. Psychedelic Print (purple pillow)
  15. Black net sleeves
  16. Dark velvet skirt
  17. 2 shirts
  18. Book Covers (3)
  19. Ruffled/Puffy Sleeves
  20. 3 patterns


  1. I'm a sewing newbie too. I know the feeling of buying new fabric.. I can spend hours in a fabric store.

    1. Oh neat! We're in the same boat! :D haha glad to hear I'm not the only one. All that fabric is always so beautiful, I just want to take it all home XD