Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Surprise Post!

Alright, I'll be honest: I didn't really plan on writing another post in July seeing as how I'm still struggling with that broken ankle but the fabulous Professor Z has this wonderful linkup going on called The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment and I just couldn't resist.

It's about summer and it's hosted by one of my favorite art historians on the internet! How could I say no?! Besides, it's a homework assignment!! Those things are serious business to this student. You can't pass those up. Mom would not approve! Haha anywho, the prompt is: how do you survive the dog days of summer?

Well, that's a really good question. As a kid, I used to waste away my summer being the epitome of laziness and sloth. Stuck at home, I'd just sleep in until noon, eat junk food, sit around with books (later the internet), and watch TV. But that never really felt good or fulfilling. I always looked back at those summers and thought "Gosh what did I do?! I was so unproductive and boring! I didn't even make any good memories!"

So a few summers ago, I decided to change that up and took a class over summer. And OMG. I loved it! I felt like I was doing something worthwhile with my time plus I had an excuse to learn! It was great! (Classes in summer are also cool because it’s easier to make friends and the teacher can help you more) But I don't think the solution is simply “taking class”, I think it’s easier than that. To me, the real key is finding a fun way to keep yourself busy. Be that in whatever way you wish. I knew a girl who’d spend all summer going to music concerts and finding new bands or my coworker who likes to take road trips with her best friend in summer (“mini-adventures” as she calls them). It's totally up to you how you spend your time but if you're caught up in something good, you won't even notice the time go by!

Like, classes hasn't always been my thing. That just happens to be what I’m focusing on this summer. Past summers I've done stuff like volunteer, help with research projects, participate in religious traditions (fasts, holidays, etc.), at weddings, party planning, travelling, etc. The list goes on. I think the secret is to just get really absorbed in something else and then summer will be over before you know it ‘cause you’re enjoying yourself! Or you can break your ankle and get crutches. That makes the time go by as well. But I wouldn’t recommend that. Trust me, that one’s not fun.

Here are some photos from my class this summer in case you're interested.

Well anyhow, that’s how I make it through the dog days of summer. What about you? Do you have any good tips for beating those tough summer days (besides air-conditioning)? Let me know in the comments below! :) Have a fabulous day!


  1. Oh, your classes seem fun; What did you study? ^^

    I have to admit, that I still spend my summers inside sleeping in, reading, watching movies and gaming and crafting for two reasons: First of all, I'm a geek, reading and gaming is what I do. ^^ Besides, I just can't put up with the heat and the extreme weather changes we've I have sun allergy too. So I leave the adventures for Spring and Fall and try to find creative ways to spend time inside in summer. ^^

    1. I studied Limnology (freshwater science). And, that's super cool! :) I wish I did more crafting and gaming over summer! It's good that you find creative ways to spend your time if you don't want to deal with the heat outside! I have days where I just do that, too. Sometimes it's nice to just relax ^_^

  2. AWWWWW! *blush* Thanks sweetie! What class did you take? I see wildlife and my favorite animal besides bats: FROGS!!! Summer classes are usually fun for professors as well. It keeps us on our toes and it helps us connect with students in a more relaxed setting. Granted, a 13 week class is usually crammed into a 6 week session, but it's worth it.

    Hope you start feeling better! And thanks for participating. :)

    1. You're very welcome, Professor! ^-^. My class was about Limnology (freshwater science) and it was really interesting! I liked branching out from Marine life to Freshwater systems (like marshes and wetlands). OMG I love bullfrogs, too!!! The bullfrogs were absolutely adorable! Summer classes are definitely a tricky trade: you have less time but it's more relaxed so I try to be careful not to take something too ambitious (like Calculus) over break but it's always fun either way.

      Thank you very much for the well wishes! I hope so too!! And you're always welcome! I can never resist a fun linkup!